Monday, September 30, 2013

Whole Life Challenge Days 21-22-23

What did you consume?

I dove head first off the wagon due to my catastrophic mental and emotional state. I knew I was an emotional eater, but sheesh. I don't understand why this diet is making me feel constantly angry or on the verge of tears. So, this weekend I had a Philly cheesesteak wrap, curly fries and a cookies n' cream Molly's Cupcake.

Sunday I had a work conference. For those of you unfamiliar with marketing conferences, they revolve exclusively around food and drink. It's rude to invite a client out for a drink and not have one yourself. Or out to pizza at their request and be the only one with salad as the rest of the table shares pies. So yesterday, at the beginning of an annual marketing conference, I had 1 drink, 1 serving of pizza and 1 serving of no-no appetizers. This is how the next two days will go as we'll but, since I was going to totally quit this challenge on Friday, I care not at all.

2) Were you active and what did you do?

Yes, full exercise and mobility points over the weekend.

3) Did you complete the weekly lifestyle challenges and how do you feel?

Yes. Shitty.

4) Did you cheat/lie?

Minus 6 points this weekend. Ate some questionable-okay, illegal, sweet potato chips with cane sugar juice and I'm not counting it because at least it wasn't another cupcake.

5) How do you feel?

Emotionally fragile. "We'll just don't do the WLC," you recommend and my fiancé pleaded. But that's not an option.

Not only do I refuse to fail at this but I can't allow myself to cheat willy-nilly like a lot of other people are doing. That's not a challenge. It's not a Whole Life Balance program. Also, my fiancé is really serious about it, is first place in our gym and top 50 in the world. Like it or not, I'm along for the ride. I'll engage in serious self-loathing if he's killing this and I can't go a weekend without food therapy.

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