Thursday, September 19, 2013

Whole Life Challenge Day 12

Wednesday, September 18th

1) What did you consume?

A veggie omelet, a banana, a Larabar a handful of nuts and a shredded beef salad. I also thought it would be okay to dock a point to have a delicious pumpkin spice cookie that our office's senior art director/master chef brought into work (thanks, Linda!). The universe repaid me by making me forget to record my score for the day prior. Ugh.

2) We're you active and what did you do?

AMRAP laundry and cleaning house for ~4 hours. Scored 5 loads, 1 bag full of shoes to donate and a 1/2 reorganized kitchen. I'm definitely counting it.

3) Did you complete the weekly lifestyle objective?

Barely squeaked by today, but I did it.

4) Did you cheat/lie?

For the balsamic dressing I made for the salad, I needed a couple cloves of garlic. I was too in a hurry to win my laundry WOD that I used the stuff in a jar, which has phosphoric acid. It's such a small quantity I didn't count it (nor did I tell my WLC-militant fiancé-Whoops). But I'm sure I could definitely score some phosphoric acid somewhere, put it in my cooking cabinet, and make the whole thing legal. That's how this works right? As long as it's in your cabinet? I'll find some sodium nitrate while I'm at it to legalize my bacon.

I think I also chewed gum.

How do you feel?

I am super annoyed that I've now missed 2 days of full points. So now the cookie I ate is 3/22 points to makeup, and I'll never recover to full points, which I otherwise could have accomplished. "Christy, that's not the point of this," you say. Don't care. This is a competition that I paid $50 for, and I'd prefer not to be such a screw-up. Oh well, I guess.

I've hit a bit of plateau in fat-loss and just feeling fitter. Probably because due to the bevy of  nuts I've been consuming. I feel confident that it will resume at some point, though, and I don't feel any worse. Except for the mental anxiety of not getting points, which is stupid, like this Challenge. It's stupid. Everything's stupid. I hate it.

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