Sunday, September 8, 2013

Whole Life Challenge - Day 1

Saturday, September 7th

What did you consume today?

A steak salad from Chipotle, black coffee, raw cashews, a Larabar, a banana with some almond butter, rotisserie chicken, guacamole and hummus with peppers and cucumbers.

Were you active and what did you do? 

Did the baseline workout, which was a 800 meter run, 50 sit-ups, 75 air squats 100 hand release plate push-ups and AMRAP burpees for remainder of the 10 minute duration. Got 158 reps. No mobility.

Did you complete the lifestyle objective and how did it feel?

Yes, I drank half my body weight in ounces of water. It was easy because I usually drink a lot of water anyway.

Did you cheat/lie?

Sure did. See previous post.

How do you feel?

I weighed-in as part of the baseline. It was both optional and traumatic. As a rule, I try not to weigh myself. Ever. Because it typically serves the purpose of making me want to eat my feelings, which only perpetuates the dismorphic, neurotic pattern. This is what I like to call Former Fat Kid Syndrome.

Otherwise, I feel exited about the possible progress I can make for my health and for the behaviors I can hopefully sustain. I need to savor this and re-read it over and over. It will be gone VERY quickly.

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