Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Whole Life Challenge Day 4

Tuesday, September 10th

Before I start complaining and moaning about how sad my life is now that I'm trying to eat well, I want to first acknowledge this day in history that marked unprecedented national pain and suffering of the real variety.

What did you consume?

The banana, Adobo Bacon Chicken (delicious, except that the sauce took about 10 times as long to make as the dish itself), a reasonable amount of cashews (FTW), a Larabar, and a burger with a fried egg and guacamole.

Were you active and what did you do?

Did the daily CrossFit workout, which was beastly. And also did mobility for my neck/shoulder/jaw and hip (thanks for the stretches, Maas).

Did you accomplish the weekly lifestyle objective and how did it feel?

Yes - Lots of water. Feels super.

Did you cheat/lie?

More gum. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

How do you feel?

I didn't eat excessively today and hopefully am starting to get used to the change in diet in terms of the decrease in sheer volume of food. However, I am seriously craving sugar. It's only day 4 and feel like I would punch a hobo for a cookie or literally steal candy from a baby. This is weird, because I don't usually consider myself a sugar-fiend. I guess since it's literally in almost every packaged food, I'm just as addicted as everyone else. Seems like a pretty cruel thing for the food industry to do. Why don't they just put nicotine in everything next. Or booze. I vote booze.

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