Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Whole Life Challenge Accepted

Feel that? It's the chill of frost that's creeping across the landscape of Hell.

See that? We're surrounded piles of untouchable steaming, delicious pepperoni pizza and vats of undrinkable frothy, refreshing craft beer that could provide warmth, happiness and relief from our frigid despair.

So go the damning effects of the 60 day Whole Life Challenge, beginning September 7th. "Stop being so dramatic," you're eye-rolling. But lest you judge too harshly, first look at the detailed rules and this list below of what I'm "allowed" to eat:

Coaxed and reassured by my friends and FiancĂ© (don't bother coming home) that this isn't so restrictive and there will be plenty of meats, vegetables, sugar-free, non-artificial and non-processed foods to consume, I caved.

"It's OK," I pled with myself, "You'll just chew a ton of gum to trick yourself into thinking you're consuming your usual shitty diet." WRONG. Gum is not allowed in the Whole Life Challenge. Friends suggested I chew on mint leaves. We are not friends anymore (Sorry, Chris).

The way the WLC works is that you receive 5 food points per day and you deduct 1 point for every rule you break. You also earn points through activity, supplements and lifestyle and can makeup lost food points via daily journals.

In anticipation of the mad journaling that will be required for me to get through the WLC, I've decided to revive my blog and post the journals so that everyone can take part in my own personal Hell. To give it some structure, I'll ask myself the same 5 questions everyday based on the WLC categories:
  1. What did you consume today? (Nutrition/Supplements)
  2. Were you active today and what did you do? (Exercise/Mobility)
  3. Did you complete the weekly lifestyle goal and what did you think? (Lifestyle)
  4. How do you feel?
  5. Did you cheat or lie?
Hope you enjoy and cheers to 2 months of Hell!

Well, not cheers, because fun is strictly prohibited by the WLC. 

High five.

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