Friday, September 13, 2013

Whole Life Challenge Day 6

Thursday, September 12th

What did you consume?

The banana, a barbacoa salad from Chipotle, a handful of almonds, a handful of grapes, a handful of cashews (Shut up–I have small hands!) and, for dinner, delicious hot wings and a sweet potato with butter and cinnamon.

Were you active and what did you do?

It was an off-day for CrossFit so I walked extra briskly during my commute. It's roughly a 2 mile round trip and is definitely more than 10 minutes. I also rolled out my back on our new rumble roller (ouch!) and did a little PT for my jaw/neck/shoulder. I'm learning that a benefit of forcing myself to do mobility is that I wind up doing the PT I'm supposed to do everyday, which dramatically reduces my chronic pain, but I'm such a lazy, worthless human that I usually skip the PT and just grin and bear it.

Did you complete the weekly lifestyle challenge and how does it feel?

Yes - I'm on autopilot for the water and it seems like my body has adjusted to monsoon season.

Did you cheat/lie?

I can't remember if I chewed gum, so let's just assume I didn't. The chicken that I bought for dinner from Aldi, which was probably definitely horse meat anyway (slow clap for Aldi), had a label that read "minimally processed" and "natural flavors." And I was like "Hell no, self. You've got to be better than than that. Walk over to that farm next door and get the grass-fed good stuff." Then, I remembered that I live in Chicago, there is no farm next door and I was hungry urgently, so I picked up the chicken and b-lined to the checkout. No points deducted because, come on.

How do you feel?

Office Torture, Part Zwei
Some more office fun today. Our Creative Director sent out an invite for our office to lunch at the Berghoff's Oktoberfest across the street, which is always delicious and festive. He included fun body copy in the invite, but it didn't phase me nearly as much as the cookies. I think the mid-week panic I felt is subsiding and I'm feeling pretty good overall.

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