Thursday, September 5, 2013

Whole Life Challenge: Day -3

This photo is part of the series I call "End of Days"

Wednesday, September 4th

1) What did you consume today?

Today, I savored a Pumpkin Spice Latte in the AM with a banana, had a bacon, date and goat cheese empanada and Boathouse protein shake for lunch, and pizza and chips and guac for dinner.

2) We're you active today? What did you do?

Yep. Went to CrossFit for 15 minutes of goat training (5 toes to bar, 5 push-ups every minute). The metcon was 2 rounds for time of 500 m row and 25 burpees. 

During the warm up run I expressed that I  can't wait to lose 20 pounds so I can run faster and maybe finally get a muscle up. My friends laughed at me and said that's not how this WLC is going to work for me. I've been scammed! Lied to!

3) Did you complete the weekly lifestyle goal and what did you think?

My lifestyle goal this week is to eat as unhealthfully as possible so as to sandbag myself on the initial weigh-in, measurements and workout and also to indulge in foods I love that I won't be able to eat for 2 months. It's a smashing success.

4) Did you cheat or lie?


5) How do you feel?

I'm on a total binge-fest of terrible food until this thing starts. I feel like I'm frantically catching up to people who knew they were doing the Whole Life Challenge weeks ago and could better plan or even space out their binging. It's AMRAP junk food for 3 days for me. The high concentration of bullshit food makes me feel awful-like a giant, useless tub of lard. And it's totally worth it. Noodles & Co. tomorrow!

Also I feel bitter that I can no longer drink the Boathouse or similar protein shakes. Someone should really write the manufacturers and tell them how appallingly terrible and unhealthy their product is due to the soy and whey contents. Who do they think they are? McDonalds? Stop killing people, Boathouse.


  1. Love it christy!! I will read your blog and support you. I am also Ina workout/healthy kick and of course my awesome roommate/fiancé bought cheese puffs, beer, and chips and dip... My goals is tone drip 20lbs by the wedding and be able to do real push ups, and run 8-10miles with out stopping.

    Love you girl!

  2. Thanks, Kel! My fiancé is going to be militantly participating and is the one that finally convinced me to do this - I will need his help and all the help I can get. Good luck to you!! Tell Jerry to buy veggies next time. :)