Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Whole Life Challenge Day 10

Monday, September 16th

1) What did you consume?

Office Torture, Part 3
A Larabar, some grapes, more of the avocado chicken salad, way. too. many. nuts., another Larabar and a small piece of chicken. Oh, and a couple small pieces of bacon that the fiancĂ© was cooking.

2) Were you active and what did you do?

The WOD (workout of the day) was jumping lunges, kettle bell swings, pushups and pullups. I also ran 1.75 miles to the gym before the workout and did mobility as part of the warmup.

3) Did you complete the weekly lifestyle challenge and how do you feel?


4) Did you cheat/lie?


5) How do you feel?

I am hungover.

From nuts.

And that's a whole lot of bullshit.

I experienced none of the fun that precedes a normal hangover, I had a headache all morning yesterday and have one again as I'm writing this today (Tuesday). Time to cut myself off for a couple of days.

I also fell into a fury briefly last night as, like a good little WLC soldier, I was trying to set up a roast in the crock pot to cook the next day. Five noncompliant recipes later and I finally landed on one that I thought would work. Alas, it turned out that the organic beef broth I had purchased last week at Trader Joes is an illegal substance. So there I stood at 10:45 PM in my kitchen, back to the recipe drawing board, and all I wanted to do was whip up the crock pop and go to sleep. Cursing the WLC the whole time and murmuring the start of eloquent, yet rageful hate mail under my breath, I finally found another recipe. We'll be eating it tonight for dinner. And it better be damn amazing.

On the upside, it's requiring less acrobatics to get into my jeans in the morning. So, that's a thing, I guess.

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