Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Whole Life Challenge Day 18

Tuesday, September 24th

1) What did you consume?

A banana bread Larabar for breakfast, some chicken and cauliflower hash for lunch, a small bowl of fruit in the afternoon, a handful of nuts pre-workout and shredded beef on a fried egg with veggie chips and guacamole. A textbook day. Minus the forkful of apple pie...

2) Were you active and what did you do?

Good lord, I was active enough for two days. I ran just under two miles to CrossFit. It was truly "Tough Times With Tommy," our motto for when a particular coach is leading us. We did easily 20 minutes of hip and shoulder mobility. Then we did Super Grace, which is 30 squat clean and jerks for max load in a 15 minute cap. So at the end, your score is reps x weight.

THEN just for a "cool down" exercise, we rowed 2000 meters, stopping every 500 meters to do 10 strict pull-ups. Real "cool."

3) Did you complete the lifestyle challenge and how does it feel?

Yes, but my body wants more sleep than 7 hours, which is really needy and selfish of it. It's going to be grateful for what's is given and it's going to like it.

4) Did you cheat/lie?

A forkful of apple pie and gum. No points deducted.

5) How do you feel?

I'm finally feeling a little better today–It's definitely easier on weekdays to comply with the WLC and not think so much about it. I also felt great because my workouts really affect my mood and fortunately I felt awesome about my workouts yesterday. Not only did I feel strong but I sustained a high volume of work over a pretty long time.

The nutrition piece has become a count down to my friends' wedding on October 13th, which is going to be an epic cheat day. I'm already salivating from the level of beautiful gluttony that will take place. I hope Sarah and John (bride and groom to be) have planned for an adequate amount of cake. And by adequate, I mean a whole second one for me.

I've seen people's Whole Life Challenge reflections where they are proud of achieving a "perfect cheat day" where they lost all 5 nutrition points, but not a point more. Their pride is shameful. How dare they waste a cheat day by using only 5 points. Once you spend the 5, you can't dip negative for the day, so
for the love of god, KEEP GOING. Let's not be all "noble" about it. You're only hurting yourselves.

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