Monday, October 28, 2013

WLC Learning #9 & #8

WLC Learning #9 - Larabars Are God's Gift To The World

It's 9:00 on a Wedneaday night. You're starving, staring piteously into a barren fridge with no time or will power to hit the grocery store. The post-workout shakes rattle the cupboards and drawers pulled open in vain until-There! Just there, wedged between the cutting board, oven mits and 8 year old garbage bag last Larabar! You thought they were gone since you poured them like candy into your bottomless pit of a stomach during the first weeks of Whole Life Starvation.

Yes, Larabars are the real winner of this WLC, saving starving souls at work, on business travel, during road trips. You name the diar food situation and the Larabar makes it all better with its datey, nutty, fruity goodness.

But why are these little nuggets of goodness necessary? Well, it's because:

WLC Learning # 8 - Americans eat like shit

I know this isn't news, per se. But the level of awfulness in the American diet was exposed as downright abysmal by WLC standards.

I'm not even talking about the obvious fast food offenses. There is no such thing as healthy food in a pinch, except for raw fruits and veggies, nuts and the Larabar. You think those plantain chips will be acceptable road trip food? Sorry sister, has sugar. Switch it up with a Kind bar? Honey. There is basically not a single packaged food that you can pick up and eat from the grocery store that is WLC approved.

It's truly maddening. Why can't we just stop loading our food up with crap? It's shocking how difficult it is to eat clean, and I'm not even including grassy-fed or organic meats in this equation.

Your options are to:
  • Spend a whole paycheck at Whole Foods, be broke, and spend your whole life cooking
  • Spend less money but significantly more frustration at a regular grocery store, be a little less broke, and still spend your whole life cooking
Doesn't that sound fun?

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