Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Whole Life Challenge Day 38

Monday, October Something-Or-Other

1) What did you consume?

Back to clean eating. Almost. I ate the last Entenmanns donut for breakfast because everyone knows that you can't leave an Entenmanns donuts in the trash.  What am I? Crazy?

Road trip eating is hard. There aren't many places you can quickly pull off. We stopped into Cracker Barrel and paid an exorbitant amount of money for eggs and bacon. Oh well.

For dinner we made burgers and, because my body was craving vegetables (a rare occasion, to be sure), had a giant salad.

2) Were you active and what did you do?

Not really, I did minimal mobility and didn't work out at all. I might have counted the walk to and from Walgreens to pick up allergy medicine, but it wasn't all that brisk and I'm feeling honorable.

3) Did you complete the lifestyle objective and how do you feel?

Given that we were on a 6 hour car ride and it's the year 2013, I'm taking a leap and saying that audio or visual consumption of content, so long as it's informational or motivating, is permitted to achieve my 10 minutes worth. Podcasts or audiobooks, for instance, should certainly suffice.

Now that I've sold you on audio content...We listened to Howard Stern. Which totally counts. I now know more than I ever wanted to know about the day-to-days of female owners of explicit websites. That it's not "porn" (gross), it's "beautiful erotica" (there, now that's much better, see?). I feel dumber but also infinitely more refined and classy by comparison for having listened.

4) Did you cheat/lie?

I ate the donut and didn't workout, which I am docking points for. I would be shocked if the Cracker Barrel bacon was clean, but I had to eat something that wasn't Arby's or McDonalds and I definitely did the best I could. No deductions there.

5) How do you feel?

I recently was kind of called out for letting things like certain bacons, gum or minor ingredient lapses (i.e. Occasional concession to natural flavors in non-organic meats) fly without deducting points.

Usually, there'd be some sort of witty or scathing retort that comes next, but it made me more disappointed than anything.

I'm not poised to win this thing. Even if I was, there's no real prize or even importance associated with it. Through this blog, I've been clear about my trials and tribulations with the Whole Life Challenge, explaining that the point system is so deflating to me that I would surely quit the whole thing or lose my sanity entirely if I couldn't follow a "reasonable person test."

I learned the "reasonable person test" from my father. And it's really simple. What would a reasonable person, from the outside looking in, say about a situation.

Certainly as the Whole Life Challange is concerned, a reasonable person wouldn't say, "You've done everything in your power to create a compliant meal, but the only meat available at Jewel says it was prepped with natural flavors, and you didn't abort your whole meal for a Larabar. You fail this time."

And so it disappoints me when I see people striking each other down. Calling people out in public or private, presumably to make themselves feel better, rather than lifting each other up.

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