Sunday, October 13, 2013

Whole Life Challenge Day 37

Sunday, October 13th

1) What did you consume?

Christmas finally came! We piled in a car and drove 6 hours to our friends' wedding in Columbus, OH. What did I eat, you ask? Oh, man. It went like this:
- Fish oil (still had to get the supplement point in)
- 3 Entemanns donuts
- McDonalds breakfast - #4
- Kit Kat Bites
- 2 pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
- Arby's regular roast beef with Arby's sauce and curly fries
- 3 pumpkin beers; the fiancé and I mixed a six pack from Binnys and shared them in a pumpkin beer taste test; taste test results below
- I don't know how many vodka tonics
- Champagne
- Chicken and green beans
- A little bit of wedding cake (I was too busy drinking vodka to notice it had come out, so I resorted to a few forkfuls of leftovers)
- 2 hot dogs from the late night got dog bar
- Approximately half of a large pizza from Danatos with sausage and double pepperoni

Pumpkin Beer Taste Testing Results:

- Punk'in - 6/10 more of a bite, subtle on the pumpkin
- Pumpkin Smasher - 7/10 wheat-y, not too hoppy, more pumpkin-y 
- Americas Original Pumpkin Ale - 6.5/10 pilsner-y, a little too sweet
- Horny-copia  - 7.5/10 good wheat ale, great mix of pumpkin spices, not overwhelming 
- Post Road Pumpkin Ale - 8/10, great ale with pumpkin overtones, some hints of spices but nice and subtle, a good overall package
- Ichabod Pumpkin Ale - 6.8/10, the ale itself was too overpowering for a pumpkin beer, in my opinion; in fairness, it was warm by the time we got to it and it didn't get a fair shake

2) Were you active and what did you do?

I'd say I definitely earned my workout points on the dance floor. No mobility though.

3) Did you complete the lifestyle objective?

I read some stuff during the 7 hour car ride. I think. 

4) Did you cheat/lie?


5) How do you feel?

It's probably no surprise that all of the crap I Injested made me feel sick by the end of the night. This morning I feel sluggish, but fine. 

I'd say the cheat day was a smashing success. The only thing that I'm disappointed that I forgot to indulge in was the chocolate chai latte from Starbucks. 

Some people who have done this challenge say that the junk they crave doesn't taste the same or as good as it used to after eating clean for a while. I couldn't disagree more. Every morsel was amazing.

I didn't blog yesterday because I was too busy eating and drinking. Sue me. But I did Instagram photos:
Cumulative Deductions: 21

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