Thursday, February 10, 2011


Berka Consulting, Incorporated is a global business consulting group specializing in world-class organizational strategy, communication, process and innovation.  We strive to create and optimize best practices in order to gain efficiencies and results across all of our premiere clients. At Berka Consulting Inc., we revolutionize businesses, so they can revolutionize the world.
Job Description:
As a Senior Associate Consultant you will be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with a wide breadth of clients.  You will collaborate to fuse cutting-edge business trends with sound traditional practices, offering unmatched resources and solutions for improving revenue cycles and business operations. Throughout all, you will exemplify the unmatched strategic acumen and vision integral to the mission of Berka Consulting, Inc. and the success of our clients.  Primary responsibilities include client ideation partnerships; strategy visioning sessions; process reform and roadmapping; target market immersions; and enterprise communication management.
Qualifications include Bachelor's Degree minimum and E _ _ J Myers-Briggs personality type. Mastery of business rhetoric, the English language and meaningless, yet impactful business analogies. Proficiency in audience persuasion; demonstrated knowledge of elementary business facts and principles; and leadership experience with manipulating group discussions and meetings. Experience in performing arts or public speaking and European accent highly desirable.
Job title:  Senior Associate Consultant
Position type:  Full Time, Employee
Job reference code:  2011-0002
Job category:  Consulting/Business Strategy/Performing Arts
Location:  Chicago , IL
Please submit a written application demonstrating your qualifications
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