Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Will and Testament of Christine E Berka

In the event of an untimely death related to reckless or destructive activity, the testator has dictated the following:


To my mother, Sue, I leave all of the clothes and shoes that I bought for you so I could later steal them and hoard them in my closet.

To my father, John, I leave my keys, my wallet, my phone, my sunglasses, etc., assuming I haven’t lost them somewhere due to your poor genetics and behavioral influence.

To my brother, Scott, I leave my dignity and self-respect, because it is right to give to those in need.

To my brother, Kevin, I leave my brains, because it is right to give to those in need.

Honored Requests

Bailee Obrien, per your request, I leave you my liver. I cannot attest to the health, per se, but the working condition is flawless. At least for a couple of more years…

Chris Strupek shall receive 1 pair of handcuffs, fishnet tights and a “cutie convict” garter located in a plastic bag in my closet. Ask no questions.

My electric blue pumps in all of their awesomeness shall go to Mike Freimann because he called dibs. As a result, I also leave him at least a handful of people beating down the door for them.

Funeral/Burial Arrangements

Testator requests an open-bar service devoid of any religious activity other than her own canonization.

Deceased is to be buried with her Nine West shoe collection, Lou Malnati’s gift cards, a bottle of tequila, and a pack of sugar free Red Bull.

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  1. I'm new to BA and I have to say, right off the bat, smitten = me.

    I know, right? Just from words on a blog. It's 2011, what can I say? If I saw that girl in the photo at the top of the page sitting alone at a bar, (in color, and maybe with her hair down) I'd totally send her a drink.

    Maybe I'll set a personal goal to see her someday wearing those electric blue pumps. (Sorry Mike. I'm fairly certain she rocks them better than you do.)

    So, how was hang-gliding?